Iso Caps

The Iso-Cap is a rain cap specifically designed to fit the Isokern 14" (fourteen inch) flue liner. Iso-Caps are easy to install as each one simply slides into the terminating flue and sealed with silicone caulk. Installation is simple, clean and quick.

Iso-caps are available in two styles: stainless steel and copper. All stainless steel caps are built from high grade steel and has a ten year warranty against corrosion. Copper Iso-Caps can be used for an old world, classic look but, still offer the same functionality as the stainless steel version.

The Iso-Cap product line also has a variation called the Iso-Flue Top Damper. The Iso-Flue Top Damper is the same design as the Iso-Cap but, has a unique spring-loaded top sealing plate hidden beneath the roof of the cap. The Iso-Flue kit comes with a stainless steel cord and locking handle which is set into the firebox wall. The Iso-Flue Top Damper is available in stainless steel and copper also.