Isokern - fireplace & chimney systems

For over 60 years in Denmark, Isokern has evolved as a fully automated company that manufactures the finest products for heating and venting efficiency. Utilizing Icelandic volcanic stone, Isokern has achieved vast insulating values in the production of chimneys, fireboxes and fireplaces for indoor and outdoor use.

Today, Isokern satisfies two continents with exceptional lightweight products for residential, commercial and industrial uses. The Isokern brand is more established than ever and is becoming a well known product line among builders, developers, architects, designers and homeowners.

Isokern fireplace systems are modular masonry fireplaces that are easier to install, lightweight and more efficient than other alternatives in the market. Isokern currently has six series of fireplace systems to choose from: the Magnum Series, the Standard Series, the IBV (Isokern B-Vent) Series, the Vent-Free Series, the Patio Series and the Fire-Lite Series. Each series has a particular use or feature making them ideal for any project or plan.

Isokern DM or dual module chimney systems are constructed from the same volcanic pumice as Isokern fireplaces systems. The DM systems have an inner liner and an external casing. The modular design of such a system allows for more diverse , lightweight installations for fireplaces and other applications.


Magnum Series

The largest firebox opening offered in the Isokern product line. With a taller, straight-backed interior design the Magnum offers versatility and affordability and is second to none in efficiency, performance and custom design flexibility.

Standard Series

The first fireplace system introduced by Isokern in the United States over 20 years ago. Used for both indoor and outdoor applications, the Standard Series is a popular choice and can be custom finished to suit specific design and architectural needs.

IBV Series

Another innovative fireplace system from Isokern.  The Isokern B-Vent (IBV) is the only modular, masonry vented gas only appliance available on the market today, and now comes with a hearth opening height of up to 50".

Vent-Free Series

With the Vent-Free Series you can now have a fireplace system in more non-traditional spaces in your home such as an entertainment center or under a window.

Fire-Lite Series

An innovative application for the Standard and Magnum Series fireplace systems that allow you to place the fireplace systems on a combustible floor where masonry foundations may not be feasible.

GreenTech EPA
Approved Series

Our new EPA Approved GreenTech Standard Fireplaces are the the first wood burning fireplace of its kind to meet and exceed U.S. Government EPA standards for fireplace emissions.  

Patio SeriesDM Chimney

The DM or dual module chimney system is a component based chimney system that has an inner liner and an external casing. 

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